Mitsotakis at Messolonghi: ‘Greece striving to make its own exodus’

“Now, more than ever before, Greece seems like a besieged city, a country that striving to make its own exodus, an exodus to a new age of national pride, national self-confidence and national prosperity,” main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Sunday, while attending events to mark the 192nd anniversary of the ‘Exodus of the Guard’ from the besieged city of Messolonghi in 1826.

An essential requirement for this new ‘exodus’ was, above all, the unity of the Greek people, which was symbolised in the most absolute way through the historic events at Messolonghi, he added.

“Today in Messolonghi we pay tribute to a pivotal moment, not just for Greek but also for world history. The Greeks of Messolonghi proved what can be achieved when one has strength, perseverance and especially courage, sending a message of freedom through the ages,” Mitsotakis said.