Mitsotakis at Thessaloniki: Aim is to showcase innovative high-tech start-ups at home and abroad

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis highlighted the dynamics developed by start-ups and innovative high-tech companies, whose activities are aimed at both the Greek and global markets, during his visit to the Thessaloniki Technopolis on Thursday.

His comments came after a discussion with representatives of a cluster of experts in the field of artificial intelligence and high-tech enterprises.

He added that this ecosystem, as he called it, is supported by actions taken by the government, but also by regional and local government agencies, with a series of actions and tax incentives, directing funds towards supporting research.

Pre-announcing that a supportive tax-tool incentive for start-ups is already operating – while another upcoming regulation is expected to address the cost competitiveness of Greek start-ups and innovative companies in relation to respective foreign ones – he referred to the relevant announcements for measures that promote the program ‘Elevate Greece’, to be presented during his speech on September 12 at the Thessaloniki International Fair forum.