Mitsotakis: By April the situation with the pandemic will have improved

Several EU member states are interested in the idea of a digital vaccination certificate proposed by Greece, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Monday, especially ahead of travel during the summer holidays, and he expressed the hope of an eventual European agreement on this.

In an interview to Bloomberg, Mitsotakis also spoke of the country’s attraction to foreign investors despite the pandemic, highlighting that the country has restored its credibility abroad. Proof of the latter is Greece’s ability to borrow with low interest rates, and the approval to pay off early a major part of its debt to the International Monetary Fund amounting to 3.3 billion euros of a total 5.1 billion euros.

Among other issues, the prime minister also expressed the belief that by April the situation with the pandemic will have improved, especially because of plans focusing on vaccinating those over 60 years of age or those with underlying conditions, the two categories adding the most pressure to the National Health System. The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the country’s digitization plan, on economic processes as well, allowing the state to truly help weaker citizens, he said.

Asked to comment about relations with Turkey, he said 2020 was a difficult year but made a note of the improvement this year, especially following the threat of sanctions by the EU, and expressed the hope the improvement would continue. Additionally, he explained, Greece continues to boost its alliances with countries that respect international law and to prove that differences in maritime zones may be resolved amicably, as they have been in the bilateral agreements with Italy and Egypt.