Mitsotakis government targeting labour, KINAL leader Gennimata says

Labour is under fire from the Mitsotakis government, opposition Movement for Change (KINAL) leader Fofi Gennimata said on Wednesday, in a statement for Labour Day. “The conservative forces, including New Democracy, are taking advantage of the pandemic to annul struggles and rights linked to human dignity and social mobility,” she said.

The highly anticipated restart of the economy can’t be based on the ruins of small- and medium-sized businesses, unemployment or poverty wages, she pointed out.

“Today we do not only honour the struggles of the workers. With the continuously worsening conditions we are next to them and fight to avoid a painful setback to a time and conditions that history has left behind. We, the Movement for Change as Socialists and Democrats, founders of the social state and genuine supporters of the social progress, we are fighting in Greece and in Europe for work to once again become a passport for personal and collective prosperity,” Gennimata underlined.