Mitsotakis is aiming to change Greece’s image in less than 90 days

Starting from Paris and Berlin, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is aiming at changing Greece’s image in Europe and elsewhere.

On Tuesday, the prime minister will pay a visit to The Hague where he will meet with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. On September 24-27, he will visit New York where he will have contacts with foreign leaders on the sidelines of the annual UN meeting. He may also have a meeting with US President Donald Trump. According to a Greek diplomatic source, the request is on the US President’s short list.

In addition, Mitsotakis said to reporters after a meeting with Angela Merkel “in early November I will be in Shanghai at the EXPO 2019 – in which Greece is an honored country – and I will meet with the President of China.”