Mitsotakis: Mass vaccinations plan can put an end to the health and economic crises

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis raised the positive significance of prospective coronavirus vaccinations and the national economy’s post-pandemic dynamic recovery, during an e-meeting he held with New Democracy’s MPs on Tuesday.

The video meeting focused on the 2021 state budget, which the Prime Minister said allows for the necessary financial reserves that will ensure the financial handling of the new year’s first few months, “which will be hard.”

The infrastructural reforms pursued by the government thus far have paved the way for fast-track growth and development, he noted.

Despite the setting up of favorable prerequisites by the government’s initiatives, policies and legislations in 2020, there still exist some factors of unpredictability, Mitsotakis told ministers: the most prominent is the actual duration of the unfolding public health crisis, against which the government will lay out a “methodical and well-organized inoculation plan.”

Mass vaccinations will help see the end of both the health crisis induced by the persistent pandemic and of the economic turbulence thereof, he assessed.

Another issue discussed, which Mitsotakis said is of “great operational importance,” is seeing through retroactive pension pay-outs; this, he noted, goes hand-in-hand with the work pursued by the Ministry of Digital Governance, which has so far carried out deep administrative, operational and infrastructural changes in view of a large-scale digital upgrade of public administration and of services offered to citizens.

The Greek Premier underlined that untangling the issue of pensions is “a personal commitment of mine, and will be taken care of by me personally.”