Mitsotakis on new social insurance legislation: ‘Clear rules, drafted for young people and their future’

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that the new social insurance legislation cannot “hide the fact that it was drafted for young people and their future,” in an article of his published in the weekly free press Athens Voice on Thursday.

Titled ‘An insurance reform for young people’, the premier’s article focused on the clear rules laid out in the new legislation, which include a provision that each freshly insured person will have their own individual piggy bank with the insurance deductions provided by his fee.

“They will be able to follow this online, at any time,” noted Mitsotakis. But they will also be able to manage the amount of their contributions, “so that it increases over time,” he added.

Every employee “will know that at the end of their working life they will have secured the money that they have been depositing together with all additional profits from their safe investment.” Therefore, “they will be the ones who determine the amount of their pension – not some arbitrary and often leveling political decision,” he highlighted.

“A clear, transparent system,” said Mitsotakis.