Mitsotakis ousts MP Bogdanos from ND over anti-communist comments in the Parliament

When in Slovenia, the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis was informed about what happened in the Parliament; he decided to exclude the MP of Athens A, Konstantinos Bogdanos, from the ND Parliamentary Group.

Government sources said that such unacceptable views outside the ND values and ideological system have no place in the modern European center-right.

Strong reaction from N. Dendias to Bogdanos comments

Nikos Dendias, Minister of Foreign Affairs, reacted strongly due to the comments of the ND MP, Konstantinos Bogdanos, in the Greek Parliament regarding anti-communism and civil war, during the sessions of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee about the Agreement on Greek-French defense cooperation.

Bogdanos attack against KKE sparked the atmosphere resulting in reactions from SYRIZA MPs; Mr. Dendias took the microphone and said in a very strong critical way:

“On behalf of the government I want to emphasize that we do not intend to go back to the “black” past of the country; on the contrary, we are here to discuss the survival of the homeland and its future. My father was in Vitsi. Today I declare that any attempt to project painful moments of the country for the benefit of micropolitics to the current modern reality is unacceptable. And the alliance with Kasidiaris is unacceptable. And over time, laying a wreath with the Golden Dawn is unacceptable. Let΄s get serious at a time that our country is facing a national threat. And as long as I represent the government as a Minister, such an effort shall not be tolerated in this Chamber again”.

Earlier, Mr. Bogdanos had stated, among other things:

“Anti-communism is a liberal choice, and this is our right. No one can force us to be happy with the name Republic of Northern Macedonia. Why? Because it is our right to talk about the state of Skopje”,