Mitsotakis’ plan will create a fiscal chaos, PM’s press office says

“Mitsotakis announced an IMF memorandum that will lead the country back to the IMF” said Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’ press office in announcement after the conclusion of main opposition New Democracy (ND) Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ speech at Thessaloniki International Fair (DETH) on Saturday evening.

The announcement said that Mitsotakis’ plan will create a fiscal chaos to benefit the economic oligarchy adding that “he announced that he will offer the employees’ contributions to the private companies and funds in order to create an Pinochet insurance system that will be a bomb in the foundations of the social security system that he will hand over the public services to the private interests and will impose an Olympic Games (of Athens) growth model that had cost us billions of euros. He will cut the budget in Education to give room to the privates and will also reduce the social benefits to include them in the Social Solidarity Income. He will also reduce the taxes on the big firms and afterwards he will ask them to take care of the workers with an ‘agreement of truth”.

He finally caressed the extreme right wing of his parliamentary group with his position on the FYROM name issue as he did not commit to annul the agreement if it is ratified by the parliament.

Finally, the announcement said “we hope that all the workers as well as the majority of the people will read Mitsotakis’ speech and ND not to dismiss him after the next elections”.