Mitsotakis press conference at TIF: We want to reduce taxes and contributions

The main aim of the third programme was not achieved with SYRIZA’s responsibility, said New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis during a press conference on Sunday in Thessaloniki adding that “My commitment is the gradual de-escalation of the borrowing cost”.

“I do not have the same programme with Tsipras. We want to reduce the taxes and the contributions and to reduce to state, Tsipras want to strengthen the state” said the main opposition leader adding that his target is 4 percent growth rate and the creation of 700,000 new job position in the next five years.

“We will wait to see the measures Mr. Tsipras will bring to parliament. Measures aligned with our logic, that Tsipras is copying, we have no reason not to vote them” Mitsotakis said

On the Prespes agreement he said that it produces results that are very difficult to be reversed. This can only be avoided with general elections, underlined Mitsotakis and clarified “I will not ratify the agreement with FYROM”.

I do not accept a society that squeezes the middle class, said Mitsotakis adding that “my first target is the strengthening of the social mobility┬╗.

He clarified that his party will not give vote of confidence to a government that will include SYRIZA.

Referring to the markets he said that it is a priority and explained that the cash “pillow” is not to be spent but to help us tap the markets with safety.

Asked on the ‘scandals’ Mitsotakis said that he totally trusts the Justice.

He clarified that there will be no layoffs in the public sector but a strict framework in hirings and layoffs adding that he insists on the evaluation of the civil servants in order the really good to be rewarded.

Mitsotakis said that there are no extreme-rights in New Democracy.

“We have nothing in common with Matteo Salvini” he said.