Mitsotakis says government bill sets higher education back decades; vows to repeal it

The government bill on higher education will set Greek universities back decades, New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotalis said on Tuesday, during a debate of the parliament plenum on the draft bill titled “Organization and operation of higher education, provisions for research”.

“The Gavroglou bill will be abolished,” he said, adding that the bill imposes views on education that “come from the past”.

The bill introduces changes to article 3 on academic freedoms, article 15 on the election of rectors and deputy rectors and articles 32, 34, 36 on the process of setting up, selecting students and teachers in a master’s degree, all of which were hotly contested by opposition parties. It also includes an amendment of the Justice ministry on the Code of Notaries and the legal framework surrounding their associations.

Mitsotakis also accused the government of “trivializing the parliamentary process” by submitting numerous amendments with irrelevant bills, with the tolerance of parliament president Nikos Voutsis.

He also criticized Voutsis for tolerating lawlessness, referring to the invasion and brief protest rally held by the anarchist group Rouvikonas in the parliament yard last week.