Mitsotakis says his party would welcome investments, capital

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Wednesday if his party came to power, he would welcome investments and urge businesspeople to bring capital, jobs and know-how to Greece.

“I will guarantee a framework of stability, lower taxation, undistorted competition and less bureaucracy,” he said, speaking at the Economist conference in southern Athens. “We’re ready to do all it takes to kick start our economy,” he added and presented five steps as his party’s priorities:

-Restoring trust in the markets by implementing the “Truth Agreement”, which he described as his party’s national plan for a final exit from the crisis.

-Improving liquidity in the economy through actions for the return of bank deposits, management of non-performing loans and lifting of capital controls.

-Front-loaded implementation of structural reforms to increase investments and the economy’s outward orientation.

-Change of policy mix, with tax and cost cuts and a more effective State, as well as a negotiation with Greece’s lenders to claim a reduction in targets for primary surpluses effective as of this year, not from 2023.

-Seek clarification on the measures to reduce pubic debt, so as to endure its sustainability, with medium-term primary surpluses at 2 percent of GPD, not at 3.5 percent accepted by the current government.

He also said ND places great importance on three sectors: tourism, the primary sector and education.