Mitsotakis: State has secured aid and jobs, tourism sector to do its part

The government’s focus on the financial crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic is to “protect jobs, support businesses and relieve the burden on households in order to boost consumption,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis told “Real News” newspaper published Sunday.

“The bundle of measures announced by the government for the coming months provide a shield for society before the pandemic’s economic repercussions,” Mitsotakis said, “as well as a bridge leading the national economy from the current uncertainty to the shores of stability, and from there to dynamic growth in 2021.”

Mitsotakis said that the Syn-Ergasia plan announced last week “will allow businesses to reshuffle their staff based on circumstances, but also foresees state intervention to retain wages to almost the same level.” He was referring to an aid plan for companies losing 20 pct or more of revenues which will also subsidize wages when staff work on reduced work schedules, and protect them layoffs.

“Unemployment is the greatest global threat currently,” the premier said, “that’s why the government prefers to support employment rather than distribute unemployment checks – we choose employment, not shutting down businesses.”

The premier added however that businesses also needed to add their own initiatives to the state efforts. “The state has carried out its duty, by providing flexibility to employers and financial coverage to employees. I am personally waiting now for business people – especially in tourism – to respond and open their facilities. I encourage them to take action, because they also have their own share in obligation to society,” Mitsotakis told Real News.

“Syn-Ergasia means a partnership of state with the world of labor and business so that Greece may recover lost ground and time claimed by the pandemic,” he stressed.