Mitsotakis: SYRIZA, as it stands now, cannot become part of any alliance

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras destroyed the Greek middle class, said New Democracy’s leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis during a Monday interview on Alpha TV.

“Tsipras lied through his teeth to assume power and the government,” Mitsotakis added, and predicted that Tsipras “will lie again, knowing he is losing the battle.”

Commenting on the government’s national debt repayment scheme agreed with financial institutions, the main opposition leader said “it is good that the country is paying it off gradually, but have you wondered why the government is not paying what it owes to thousands of professionals who are owed by the state?”

The ND leader also challenged the SYRIZA government to explain why the Prespes Agreement is good agreement, addung that he will “do whatever I can to minimize the negative consequences of this Agreement.”

“I can not predict the decision of the Greek people concerning which parties will be in parliament next,” said Mitsotakis, in response to a question about national elections expected at term’s end in October. “If you are asking me if I believe that Greece’s next government will include SYRIZA in its current form, I tell you no,” and underlined that “this SYRIZA, in its current form, with Tsipras as he stands now, cannot possibly be part of a larger political alignment,” concluded Mitsotakis.