Mitsotakis to Greeks from Imvros: You will have Greece’s unequivocal support in your actions

“You will have Greek government’s unequivocal support in your actions that fully understands that duty to one of the older centres of our nation in the Aegean” stated Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressing an online event for the New Year of the association of Ιmvrians (Greeks from the island of Imvros that belongs to Turkey).

“We will support you and will press Turkey at all international fora to respect all those it has signed” he added.

The Prime Minister underlined that some steps have been made as the Greek schools that were illegally closed in 1964, are welcoming pupils again. “We will continue to support the reoperation of the schools and send teachers but we will also not stop reminding to Ankara its official commitments because the Greeks of Imvros are Turkish citizens with all the rights and any discrimination against them does not only violate the Lausanne Treaty but all the international treaties for the human rights. So, Turkey is called to respect them with equality and justice”.

Concluding, Mitsotakis expressed the hope to meet again on Imvros.