Mitsotakis to present Greek proposal for protection of cultural heritage from climate change

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will announce on Monday at the UN Special Climate Conference the organisation of an international summit in Athens to address the risks posed by climate change to world cultural heritage, at the level of heads of state and government within 2020.

The prime minister, who has been in New York since yesterday, is expected to point out that climate change affects us all, adding that any action for limiting its effect needs work distribution, coordination and funds.

Mitsotakis will stress that Greece has taken clear initiatives to protect cultural heritage from the effects of climate change, including erosion of monuments. He will also refer to initiatives taken – with the support of UNESCO and the World Meteorological Organization – to tackle the risks posed by climate change to the world cultural heritage.

The Greek Prime Minister will also talk about Greece’s actions to boost renewable energy, waste management while stressing the need for a green economy model.