Mitsotakis: US withdrawal from Paris Agreement an extremely unpleasant development

New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated on Friday that the climate change is a crucial international matter that affects everyone. He said that it is not a conspiracy theory and is not linked with the economic competition.

The climate, he said, is changing rapidly as a result of the human intervention, something that nobody in the scientific community disputes.

The main opposition leader added that the climate change demands international cooperation something that can’t be achieved without the participation of the high developed economies and this is the reason why the Paris Agreement was such a huge success.

“The US decision to withdraw from the agreement is an extremely unpleasant development. I hope in the near future the US reconsiders the decision. In any case Greece will remain focused on the targets provided by the agreement as well as the other European countries,” noted Mitsotakis.