More beds available for Covid-19 patients after gov’t, private clinics agreement

An agreement between the National Health System and private clinics signed on Wednesday will make more beds available to both Covid-19 and regular patients, the Health Ministry said.

By decision of Health Minister Thanos Plevris, the agreement includes the use of 5 private clinics in 3 cities which are epidemiologically burdened, with each clinic providing a specific number of beds and full staff support.

For Covid-19 patients, the following beds become available at rehabilitation clinics:

– 200 in Thessaloniki

– 20 in Volos

– 30 in Larissa

For non-Covid-19 patients, the following regular and ICU beds become available:

– 10 regular and 2 ICU beds in Volos

– 30 beds for pathological and surgical cases and 4 ICU beds in Larissa