More drugs found in “Andreas” vessel seized in 2017

A supplementary six tonnes of hashish (chocolate) were found on the Tanzania-flagged tugboat “Andreas”, which had been intercepted by the Greek coast guard in December 2017 a few nautical miles south of Crete, it was announced on Tuesday.

Already in December 2018, 6,177.800 kilos of hashish had been found and seized in a large-scale police operation, while the six crew-members, all Syrian nationals, were arrested. According to information, the crew members had agreed with a Cypriot agent, whose identity appears to be known to the authorities, to be taken on board on a 600-dollar salary, in order to sail the tugboat to Malta.

Following the crew’s arrest, the boat was seized by the Greek coast guard. It was scheduled to be taken to a British port and auctioned, when the coast guard suspected there was something wrong with the vessel’s paperwork and tanks. Thus, a coast guard drugs and smuggling department unit travelled again to Crete and conducted a new search, which unearthed a manhole under a set of tiles in a narrow corridor. When the coast guard unit opened it, they discovered a supplementary 6,561,700 kilos of hashish plus 258,000 of captagon pills (also called “the jihadist drug”).

This was the largest haul of hashish the Greek coast guard has ever made, with an estimated market value of 150 million euros.