More than 5,500 police officers on the streets for Athens Polytechnic Day

More than 5,500 police officers are taking part in the draconian security measures for the celebration of the Athens Polytechnic Uprising anniversary on November 17, according to Greek police sources.

The operational planning includes, among other things, the guarding universities, government buildings and embassies. At the same time, there will be an increased police presence in the wider area of Exarchia, while random checks will be carried out as a precaution in various places.

From the air, police helicopters and drones will continuously monitor Athens, while the roofs of buildings, used in previous years to attack police, will under surveillance.

Water cannons for crowd control will be stationed in downtown Athens, ready to intervene if necessary.

Moreover, there is a special operational plan to identify points where “ammunition” (such as petrol bombs, stones and other objects) might be hidden.