Moria community president on second day of strike over migrant hotspot issues

The president of Moria, where a migrant and refugee hotspot is located on Lesvos island, continued his hunger strike for a second day to demand a resolution of the overcrowded conditions in the camp which have spilled over to the community.

The identification and registration center has been facing several problems, including lack of staff, delays in processing, overcrowding and riots among migrant groups, with continuing migrant flows.

In a telephone call from Brussels, Migrant Minister Dimitris Vitsas spoke with Nikos Trakellis and outlined to the Moria president a series of measures that will be implemented soon towards improving living conditions at the hotspot.

Migration Policy Secretary General Andreas Gougoulis is expected to visit Lesvos on Tuesday and Deputy Minister Yiannis Balafas on Wednesday. Balafas will be accompanying the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Dunja Mijatovic on a scheduled visit to the island.

In comments to Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA), Deputy Mayor of Lesvos Anastasia Antonelli criticized the European Union member-state leaders, saying that “they keep on meeting yet are still unable to reach a joint decision on handling migrant and refugee flows (…), with local communities dealing with the fallout from their bad management of the issue.”