Moscovici: Greece, as member of the eurozone, has the right to act within the EU acquis

European Parliament Vice President Dimitris Papadimoulis raised the issue of labour collective contracts during a debate in the Europarliament on Wednesday.

Addressing European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici asked him to state the position of the European Commission on the matter and if he supports the restoration of the EU acquis in Greece on labour relations. He underlined that the group of experts, formed following ESM, IMF, EU, ECB and the Greek government’s unanimous decision, tabled its report in December. The report requests the restoration of the collective negotiations in Greece.

The European Commission defends the European social model and foresees collective contracts and believes that Greece should be included in this model, answered Moscovici adding that “The group of experts’ report is clear. The way we should move is according to the principles of the International Labour Organisation and the European framework.” He explained that a debate is in progress for a package of measures referring to the labour market within the context of the experts’ group proposals.
Concluding, Moscovici reiterated that “The Commission supports the experts’ report because we believe that Greece, as a eurozone country, has the right to act within the framework of the European social model. Of course this should be adjusted to the relevant condition and the reforms platform we try to implement. However, Jean Claude Juncker and I have always supported Greece and its right to use the European social model.