Moscovici: Greek people should be offered more prospects

Europe must offer the Greek people more prospects and Germany should understand that, EU’s Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said on Sunday, during a speech at an event at the Körber Foundation in Berlin.

“It is our obligation, as Europeans, to offer Greece a prospect that will create growth, jobs, prospects for young,” Moscovici was quoted as saying by Deutsche Welle. For this reason, the agreement achieved last Thursday “and for which Wolfgang Schaeuble made compromises, is only an intermediate stage.”

The Commissioner also said the issue of Greece’s debt must be discussed by the institutions in the coming months, particularly after the German elections in September. “Germany must understand that the Greek people must be offered more prospects,” he continued.

Commenting on the possibility the Greek deal will be debated in the German parliament, Moscovici expressed his belief that the parliament will understand “how important it is”.