Moscovici: IMF-World Bank meetings have ruled out extension of Greek programme

The IMF and World Bank Spring Meeting have put an end to speculation about a possible extension of Greece’s third financial assistance programme, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici said on Tuesday in an interview with Agence Europe.

The French Commissioner said he was in favor of a semi-automatic mechanism that can guarantee the sustainability of Greek debt after the programme’s scheduled end in mid-August, through debt relief measures and in a way that are linked to rates of growth in the country.

“There have been extensive debates about Greece in Washington with all the parties involved. And I believe there are solid convergence points. The idea of an extension of the bailout programme had fuelled some rumors, but these meetings put a final end to this. All people feel obliged to respect the relevant timetable. In June or July, decisions will be taken. In August, Greece will exit the support program. We have to put this behind us,” Moscovici underlined.