Moscovici stresses need to swiftly conclude programme review

On the occasion of the European Commission’s autumn economic forecasts, French European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici on Thursday stressed that the key message he wants to send to Greece is that the current programme review must be concluded on time. In five years of dealing with this issue, including three as a Commissioner, Moscovici said the Greek side now appeared to him to be more sensitive than ever before to the issue of growth.

Moscovici stated that the goal is for Greece to regain access to the markets before next summer, in conditions of economic growth and with a settlement of the public debt issue.

He underlined that after the positive outcome of staff-level talks between the Brussels’ institutions and the government’s representatives in Athens – and in view of their next meeting before the end of the month – he has every reason to feel optimistic that there will be a swift conclusion of the current review.