Moscovici: The agreement opens the way for swift conclusion of second review

The agreement paves the way for the swift conclusion of the second programme review, EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxations and Customs Pierre Moscovici said on Tuesday adding that the debt issue needs to be considered in the new few weeks.

“The agreement reached overnight in Athens on the Greek Stability Support Programme is a very positive development following months of complex negotiations. These new efforts agreed by the Greek authorities open the way for a rapid conclusion of the second review. The swift implementation of these commitments should enable the Eurogroup to endorse this agreement at its next meeting. This second review is strategic for Greece as it not only delivers on key reforms to modernise the Greek economy but also secures a credible fiscal path for the years to come, beyond the ESM programme. It is now for all partners to reach an understanding on the question of Greece’s debt in the coming weeks. It is time to turn the page on this long and difficult austerity chapter for the Greek people. With this agreement, we need now to write a new story of stability, jobs and growth for Greece and for the euro area as a whole.”