Moscovici: The day the Greek program ends, we leave the crisis behind us

Talks on the Greek program are being held in a constructive mannner on the sidelines of the IMF’s spring meetings in Washington, European Union economy commissioner Pierre Moscovici told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, stating his confidence that the the program will be completed “on time.”

“There is a common intent among all involved to complete (the program) and also the feeling that this is the duty we have towards Greece, that must stand on its feet and become once again a regular eurozone country. But also towards the eurozone itself as after ten years, the day that the Greek program will end will be a positive sign that we have left the crisis behind us,” he said.

Moscovici also clarified that there is no talk of a change, or an extension, to the program, saying that “we will do everything to stick to the time schedule, which means having a decision, if possible, at the June 21 eurogroup, or in July at the latest, so that in August the completion of the program is possible.”

“It is important that at every eurogroup coming up, in April, May, June, for there to be progress. Starting from the next eurogroup, we must work in a way so that step-by-step we move towards the successful completion of the program. I expect that (in Sofia) each side will confirm its commitment to the completion of the program,” said Moscovici.

The EU commissioner also referred to the meeting he had with Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos yesterday, saying that it is important for the fourth review to be completed on time in May, in a step that requires the remaining reforms to be implemented.

Additionally, he said that the Greek growth strategy will be presented at the Sofia eurogroup next Friday, where the post program supervision will be looked at, that must not be another bailout.

“Greece’s lenders must also assume their responsibilities, which means completing the Greek program on time, ruling out any extension or new program, and clarifying on medium term measures for Greek debt,” he added.