Moscovici: To accompany Greece to that path of success

“The issue is to accompany Greece to the path of success,” said EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs Pierre Moscovic on his way into the eurogroup meeting on Thursday where he will present how the country will be supervised by creditors.

“I must say for one more time that it is not a fourth program,” he said, adding that “we are not asking for any additional measures, no additional attempts but want to escort Greece to its path so that we make this exit (from the bailout) a real success and to allow Greece to return to the markets with credibility and strength. We are on the path of success, August 20 will be important.”

“It is the same supervision,” explained Moscovici, “that we apply on every country that exits a bailout program, with adjustments as the country went through an unprecedented crisis that was long and hard, as the level of debt remains very high, but the issue is to escort Greece to the path of success.”

The EU commissioner added that Greece “must continue to apply credible fiscal policies, now fly with its own wings, walk on its own legs and it is up to the Greeks to decide on the growth policy they want for the people.”