Moscovisi announces visit to Athens before the end of November

Arriving for a Eurogroup meeting on Monday, European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici announced that he will visit Athens before the end of November, in order to “ensure that we have success in our collective discussions” to conclude the second review of the Greek bailout programme.

Moscovici went on to express hope that the Eurogroup will arrive at a comprehensive agreement that includes decisions on the sustainability of Greece debt before the end of the year, in addition to the second review.

The Commissioner said that he will brief Monday’s Eurogroup on the progress of the talks in Athens following the first round of talks between Greek authorities and the missions from the institutions. He noted that there was significant progress, which was encouraging for a quick conclusion of the second review.

“Now that the Greek authorities are undertaking their responsibilities, it is important that Greece’s partners do the same,” the Commissioner added. He pointed out that the Eurogroup’s decision last May included a commitment to discuss the Greek debt before the end of the year. This could be done at the Eurogroup meeting in December, he said.

“We need a comprehensive agreement that will include the reforms that are already being implemented, the recovery that is on the way and the debt. I hope that all this will be discussed before the end of the year,” he added.
Questioned about the recent government reshuffle in Greece, Moscovici said he was happy that Euclid Tsakalotos remained in the finance ministry, saying he was a “very credible and positive interlocutor”. He said he will meet the new members of the Greek government in Athens, expressing his conviction that the good cooperation will continue.