Mother arrested for death of her child is led before a prosecutor

The mother whose three children died over the last three years under suspicious medical circumstances was arrested in the city of Patras on Wednesday and will be led before an Athens prosecutor on Thursday.

The order for the prosecution of the 33-year-old woman came from an Athens prosecutor, who charged the 33-year-old woman with premeditated murder of her eldest girl, Georgina, 9. Toxicological and histological tests revealed ketamine – reportedly not prescribed by any doctor – in the body of the girl, who died January 2022.

In Patras, a first instance court prosecutor had asked that she be arrested on grounds that she is likely to commit further offences.

The woman was being transported to the Attica General Police Directorate’s homicide division on Wednesday evening, when the arrest warrant was issued.

Georgina’s death was preceded by those of her 6-month-old sister Iris in 2021, and of her 3.5-year-old sister Malina in 2019, and sparked the start of investigations in the cause of death of all three children that baffled doctors.

According to media reports, a full medical report on the causes of death of all three children is expected later on Thusday.

The case has drawn great public interest, as it appears to be the first case of its kind in recent memory.