Motor Oil and GEK Terna to jointly control Thermoelectrical Komotini

Τhe Competition Commission announced on Tuesday that it approved the acquisition of joint control of the company Thermoelectrical Komotini by the companies Motor Oil Renewable Energy SA and GEK TERNA SA Real Estate Holdings.

As the announcement stated in detail:

The Competition Commission on 23 August unanimously approved, with no. 744/2021 decision of, according to article 8 paragraph 3 of law 3959/2011, the acquisition of joint control over the company with the name Thermoelectrical of Komotini SA by the companies GEK TERNA Real Estate Construction and Motor Oil Renewable Energy SA of the Motor Oil group.

In its decision, the Competition Commission considered that the concentration in question, which primarily concerns the wider market of production and supply of electricity in the interconnected and non-interconnected system in Greece as well as the relevant sub-markets, although it falls within the scope of paragraph 1 of article 6 of law 3959/2011, does not cause serious doubts as to its compatibility with the operating requirements of the competition, in the individual markets to which it concerns.