MSF decries living conditions for migrants on Lesvos, Samos

The media reports quoting a member of Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) as saying that rats, scorpions and snakes are biting migrants on Lesvos are “inaccurate, but not entirely unfounded,” the Greek chapter of the international organization said on Tuesday.

In a statement, MSF said that “according to our medical teams, rats, scorpions and snakes are biting children and adults – but not at Lesvos island: at the other inhumane Reception and Identification Center, in Vathy on Samos island.”

It clarified that it was not aware of similar incidents on Lesvos, and that it had never made such assertions publicly. “But this doesn’t mean that conditions on Lesvos or the new facility are acceptable – people will be forced to live in tents through the winter, without adequate safety or protection,” it said, referring to Kara Tepe, where migrants were moved after the Moria hotspot burned down.

The organization called on the Migration Ministry to change its focus “from correcting the inaccuracy of such reports about Lesvos” to “changing the inhumane reality experienced by men, women, and children in the two facilities” and to transfer all people to a safe place.