Multiple arrests made after killing of 28-year-old Pakistani man in Skala, Lakonia

Police on Sunday said that five Pakistani nationals aged between 24 and 39 years old have been arrested and charged with the murder of a 28-year-old Pakistani man, who was killed in a fight the previous day. A further eight Pakistanis aged 18 to 49 were arrested on charges of inflicting grievous bodily harm, fighting and violating weapons laws.

The incident occurred on Saturday night in Skala, Lakonia when a group of Pakistani nationals got into a fight using makeshift clubs over personal differences that resulted in the fatal injury of the 28-year-old, as well as the injury of another four people. Police arrested 13 people in total and confiscated three of the clubs, while they are seeking another two individuals in connection with the incident.

Those arrested will be led before a Sparti public prosecutor.