Murder in Folegandros: «I didn’t want to kill her, it was a ibad time»

An insignificant reason is said to have triggered the dispute between the 26-year-old Garyfallia and the 30-year-old in Folegandros, which led to the murder of the young woman.

The couple, who were vacationing on the island, wanted to go to a location in Folegandros, according to main OPEN news, but found they had gone the wrong way. Then the 26-year-old’s killer blamed her, started an argument, and pushed her on the cliff.

According to SKAI, there have been violent disputes between the couple for insignificant reasons over the past 3 days. Just before 30-year-old killed Garyfallia by pressing her cold on the cliff, they were allegedly at odds over whether to go mountain climbing or swimming, according to SKAI.

What the avowed murderer of the crime in Folegandros said

The 30-year-old killer of the 26-year-old said in his testimony that he accidentally released the parking brake during the dispute, causing the car to come off the lane and near the edge of the cliff. Then, according to the police, the frightened Carnation got out of the car and they started fighting. The 30-year-old pushed her, causing a young woman to hit the sharp rocks and land in the sea.

According to the report from the main SKAI news bulletin, the 30-year-old returned to the vehicle, took his backpack containing his police ID, went down to the sea from another location and approached the 26-year-old. old. He said he saw her passed out.

A forensic examination found she was alive and the cause of death was drowning – and disappeared.

“It was a bad time”

“I didn’t want to kill her and I had nothing planned,” he allegedly replied when asked why he pushed the 26-year-old.

According to the same report, the avowed killer went to different parts of the island in a bathing suit and ended up in a small cave at another location on the same beach 28 hours later.