Mytaxi buys Taxibeat

Mytaxi, an innovative company in taxi e-call in Europe and a subsidiary of Daimler Group, announced the acquisition of Taxibeat Ltd, operator of Taxibeat -the popular Greek application for tax call.

In announcement, mytaxi said the acquisition will consolidate its presence in the international market of urban transport and further enhance its position as a leader in taxi e-call in Europe. The two companies agreed not to release any details of the acquisition.

Taxibeat was founded in 2011 by Nikos Drandakis and has established activities in Greece and Peru. It currently has a base of 8,000 registered tax drivers and has a customer base of around 540,00 in Athens and Thessaloniki. Under the terms of the agreement, Taxibeat in Greece will be integrated to mytaxi platform in the next few months and will be renamed into mytaxi. Taxibeat activities in Latin America will continue operating independently from its European unit, while the Greek section of Taxibeat will focus on the development of new technologies and the establishment of its corporate picture in Latin America.

Mytaxi has established activities in 10 European countries and has a global volume of more than 10 million downloads, with more than 100,000 registered drivers and it is available in more than 50 cities.

“We are very happy to welcome Taxibeat as the youngest member of mytaxi family,” Andrew Pinnington, CEO in mytaxi said. “We are very impressed with the success of Taxibeat in Greece and we believe it is a perfect match for
mytaxi,” he added.

Nikos Drandakis, founder and CEO in Taxibeat said: “It is a great day for Taxibeat. In mytaxi we found the perfect partner as we share the same vision and the same passion for the transport sector”.

Klaus Entenmann, CEO in Daimler Financial Services, said: “Mytaxi, a subsidiary of Daimler Group, underlines our ambition to emerge as a leader in digital services provider in the transport sector”.