Mytilineos to produce exclusively ‘green’ aluminium by 2030

Mytilineos will produce only ‘green’ aluminium by 2030, more specifically, aluminium manufactured with the exploitation of exclusively green energy, Evangelos Mytilineos, chairman and CEO of the company said on Thursday.

Addressing an online conference on “Net Zero Action: From challenge to opportunity for accelerated & sustainable value creation”, organized by the company, he said: “There is no dilemma between the environment and the profitability of the company. If we exploit innovative ideas and new technologies, then we can achieve exceptional results and better quality with lower cost,” adding: “We must be bold in planning innovative tools and to look towards consumption at the same time.”

Commenting on the Renewable Energy Sources sector, Mytilineos reminided of the company’s recent acquisition of photovoltaic parks and energy storage units. “Production from RES and storage of energy is cheaper than production with natural gas. It’s a win-win move,” he said.

He said that certain sectors of business activity will need different time to adapt to the new data of climate change and stressed that there was no need to police the achievement of targets set internationally since they were moral commitments towards societies and shareholders.