N. Aegean Region fines migration ministry 100,000 euros for violations at hotspots

The North Aegean regional authority has imposed administrative fines amounting to 100,000 euros on the migration policy ministry for violating environmental legislation at the migrant reception and identification centres and camps in Moria on Lesvos and VIAL on Chios.

The first, for 80,000 euros is for the inadequate sewage system in Moria and the illegal dumping of sewage into a nearby torrent, with uncontrolled repercussions on the environment in the area, while the second, for 20,000 euros, is for the poor sewage system at VIAL that causes sewage to pool in the camp and end up in neighbouring properties, while threatening to pollute the water table.

Questioned about the fines, the ministry said it “shared the same goals” as the region and had set in motion a plan to relieve overcrowding at the camps on the islands that it was working hard to carry out as soon as possible.