N. Dendias: Τhe country has been committed to a programme that cannot be implemented

I am afraid that the country has been committed, by the SYRIZA-ANEL government and the partners, to a programme that cannot be implemented despite the big sacrifices of the Greek people, New Democracy parliamentary spokesman Nikos Dendias on Saturday said.

Speaking about what ND will do as a government he stated: “We have made it clear – and I do not see many reactions from the partners’ side – that from the very first moment we will raise the issue of reducing the huge primary surpluses, as required for a country in its seventh year of economic crisis” adding that it will be “a reduction that will be followed by the reduction of tax rates, as well as the reduction of property taxes.” He estimated that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will be forced to call elections soon adding that this would be the best solution for the country and the Greek democracy.

Moreover, Dendias said he was opposed to channeling all privatisation revenues to debt servicing and explained that “a large part of the revenues could be channeled to covering the ‘black hole’ of the social security system.”