N. Paraskevopoulos – St. Kontonis handing over ceremony at the Justice Ministry

The ministry’s work as I perceived it refers to the production of legislation, justice and human rights, noted outgoing Nikos Paraskevopoulos during the handing over ceremony at the Justice Ministry on Monday.

“The ministry does not intervene in justice. Whatever slight intervention is that provided by the Constitution,” said Paraskevopoulos noting that “Justice is extremely important on matters of economic growth and recession and presented in detail the legislative initiatives and his work in the ministry.

“It is very important and a huge responsibility to receive the Justice Ministry from Nikos Paraskevopoulos,” stated newly appointed minister Stavros Kontonis noting that he will continue his predecessor’s work.

Kontonis thanked prime minister Alexis Tsipras for the confidence in him and noted: “According to the prime minister’s orders we must complete the second review of the Greek programme” adding that “the Justice Ministry was a very productive ministry, and after closing the second review, the ministry will focus on the acceleration of the court decisions and thanked the Greek judges we can’t talk about social peace when a large number of cases are still pending.”