National Bank announce cooperation with “The People’s Trust”

National Bank on Wednesday announced a cooperation with “The People’s Trust” a non-profit organization offering small funding and business support services to small enterprises, in the framework of the bank’s actions to encourage and develop young entrepreneurship, innovation and extroversion and to support act4Greece.

In this framework, “The People’s Trust” can recommend financial support to groups of a NBG Business Seeds program for the development of their business plans. It can also recommend the inclusion of two mature business groups/proposals excelled for its action directly in the second phase of an innovation and technology award and the inclusion to NBG Business Seeds of two mature start up enterprises.

“The People’s Trust” will also offer financial support and mentoring from its members to a “be finnovative” action, a new development accelerator by National Bank focusing on financial transactions in the wider geographical region. The organization will also participate in an act4Greece -corporate social responsibility program of National Bank.