National Council on Foreign Policy should discuss Turkey, ND’s Koumoutsakos says

Main opposition New Democracy’s shadow minister for foreign policy George Koumoutsakos on Monday urged the government to convene the National Council on Foreign Policy, while criticising its reaction to the latest provocations from the Turkish side.

“New Democracy had promptly warned in Parliament that Ankara’s political choice would be to maintain and escalate a policy of dispute and tension in the Aegean. The unacceptable, provocative and dangerous Turkish delinquent behaviour cannot be handled with shallow communications gimmicks and personal ‘vendettas’. It must be met with seriousness, sobriety, determination and a plan,” Koumoutsakos said.

He stressed the need for coordinated diplomatic action and operational adequacy, while noting the need to launch an immediate campaign for diplomatic action and to brief Greece’s partners in the EU, NATO and the United Nations of “this now dangerous Turkish behaviour.”

“At home, as we have already asked in a letter to [Foreign Minister Nikos] Kotzias, there is an urgent need to convene and give an official, full briefing to the National Council on Foreign Policy. Finally, a word of advice to the government. During such crucial times, let the foreign ministry do the talking. The duties of the defence ministry are the country’s operational readiness, not the clamour of news headlines.”