Thomas: National Energy and Climate Plan to be tabled by end year

“The final National Energy and Climate Plan will have been tabled by the end of the year,” Environment and Energy Deputy Minister, Gerassimos Thomas, said on Sunday in the Parliament stressing that it will be an ambitious project in the field of Renewable Energy Sources, energy saving, innovation and new technologies.

“The government is committed to the national energy strategy being socially just,” Thomas said during the parliamentary talks on the government’s policy statements.

He underlined that first priority is finding a solution for Public Power Corporation (PPC). “There will be interventions to rationalize its operation. There will be structural measures that will promote the consolidation of PPC’s overall position in the market and will provide sources of development for the future PPC,” he said and noted that the comprehensive plan will be presented on Monday by the Minister of Environment and Energy Costis Hatzidakis.

“We are committed to a national energy policy that will ensure the country’s energy security, aiming at a gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the shortest possible time. Our goal is to make energy transition in a way that attracts investment, maximizes the benefits of EU funds, gains extroversion and brings growth to create new jobs,” he stated.