National Plan on Energy & Climate at gov’t Economic Policy Council on Dec. 19

The final draft of the National Plan for Energy and the Climate will be presented to the Government Council on Economic Policy on December 19, prior to being tabled with the European Commission before the end of the year, Deputy Energy Minister Gerassimos Thomas said at parliamentary committees in Parliament on Friday.

Thomas presented the Plan at the Standing Committee on Production & Trade and the Special Permanent Committee on Environmental Protection for feedback by party representatives, before the draft is finalized. The draft is currently on public consultation until December 16.

Greece’s full timeplan for reducing reliance on lignite by 2028 will be presented on Monday as part of the Public Power Corporation’s business plan. The master plan for the transition of lignite-producing areas will be presented within 2020 and will include specific measures and incentives, the minister said.

In terms of conserving energy, the tender of the ‘Electra’ program for the energy upgrade of public buildings will be initiated in the first months of the new year. Its revision includes self-funding by agencies and energy service companies, encouraging private funding as well. New energy-efficiency programs for households and industries are being designed in the framework of the new 2021-2027 Multi-Year Fiscal Framework, he added.