New Democracy leader Mitsotakis: ‘2018 will be a year of major political change’

After eight years of crisis Greeks deserve “something better than the present government,” main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Wednesday, speaking in Vrondou in Pieria during a tour of northern Greece.

“I hope and believe that 2018 will be a year of major political change,” he said, noting that Greeks “deserve an economy that grows at a faster rate, a state that is more efficient, that respects Greek tax-payers’ money, a foreign policy that is reliable and proud, that puts the country’s interests above all else and a leadership that does not lie…”

Criticising the government, Mitsotakis said it had done the opposite of all it had promised before the elections and “passed the harshest memorandum measures”. These included the draft omnibus bill now being discussed in Parliament, he noted, which abolished a series of benefits.

Mitsotakis promised that ND will lower taxes when it comes to power, while reining in excessive state spending and taking action to attract investments.

The ND leader’s tour on Wednesday also took in the city of Katerini, Karitsa, Litochoro-Dion and Leptokarya.

On January 11, the leader of New Democracy will visit the Archaeological Museum of Pella, Giannitsa, Edessa, Aridaia, Sosandra, Promahonas, Pozar, Mavrovouni, Skydra and Krya Vryssi.