ND leader Mitsotakis: Growth and development the last priority of this government

Growth and development is the current government’s last priority, main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during a speech at the Hellenic-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFG) on Tuesday, charging the government with undermining Greek growth.

Referring to budget implementation figures, Mitsotakis said that expenditures for the Program of Public Investments dropped by 800 million euros. “I’m pointing out something that by and of itself confirms that growth and development is this government’s last priority. The total amount allocated in 2017 to the program of public investments is lower than that of the last decade,” the ND leader said.

“The country needs a lot, and the government is doing desperately little. In 2017 we had half of the forecast growth and a significant deviation from the EU rate. In all Eurozone countries, forecasts were revised higher. The only country where they were revised lower was Greece,” he noted. The cutbacks in growth and development expenditures, combined with high taxation, have hurt the economy’s dynamic growth, he added.

He added, “The government consciously sacrificed growth and development on the altar of achieving its fiscal targets at any cost. It sacrificed the real economy to be able to support a PR narrative that all is well,” and he expressed the belief there will be no “clean exit” from the bailout program