ND leader Mitsotakis lashes out at the government

Main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis lashed out at the government on Tuesday during the first meeting of ND shadow ministers in 2018.

Mitsotakis forecast that 2018 will be a year of political developments and made clear the party’s position on the FYROM issue.

The new year will be decisive for Greece, Mitsotakis said and added: Tsipras has been in power for three years, the damage is enormous. The government has plunged the country into crisis, citizens are defenceless, pressure on justice is constant. It is an unprecedented period after 1974 … They have to leave and they will leave and that is why the prime minister insists on repeating that he will run to the end of his four-year term,” Mitsotakis said.

“The news that the debts of Greeks have exceeded 100 billion euros is unbelievable,” Mitsotakis added, noting that the country was stuck in a dead end and held hostage by a minority. “Greeks deserve better,” he said, pointing out that the country’s exit from the programme required extremely delicate handling, “which this government is not capable of.”

“The new year has two billion extra measures, 900 million new taxes, reductions in pensions, reductions in the EKAS benefit and heating allowance as well as more home foreclosures,” he said.

He made a special reference to the negotiations for the name issue: “The country is weakened and thus becomes not only economically but also geopolitically vulnerable. The new year started with challenges in foreign policy issues. The government is responsible for the negotiation on the [name issue], it has chosen to carry this out in secret and we are looking at a shadow-puppet theatre with the defence minister,” he said.

Regarding ND’s stance, he clarified: “The country has a national line, as drawn up in 2008 by the Karamanlis government and expressed in Bucharest. We then defended our national interests. The minimum that the government can do is to protect the gains made in Bucharest as a whole.”