ND leader Mitsotakis pays tribute to the victims of the Holocaust

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, with a post on Facebook, on Thursday, paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust.

It is an unimaginable brutality that led to the mass extermination of the Jewish population of Europe and the decimation of the once thriving, Greek Jewish community, he said.

“Never again!” he stressed and added: “It is a day of reflection and prayer as the ghost of populism – which is expressed through a a racist, xenophobic rhetoric – is threatening once again our world.”

“The multilevel crisis, that we all experience, is not confined to the economic and political system. But it extends to our values. Several people across the world – and I am not only referring to the Western world – tend to listen to divisive rhetoric, oversimplifications and “quick fixes” and are looking for new scapegoats. I hope that this day will give everyone the opportunity to seriously and responsibly consider what kind of world we want for ourselves and our children,” he concluded.