ND leader Mitsotakis says that he would not participate in the same gov’t with SYRIZA

“General elections will be redemption” said New Democracy (ND) leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis in an interview with the Sunday newspaper Proto Thema.

He left open the possibility, even if he has the parliamentary majority, to cooperate with the Movement for Change (KINAL) and rejected the possibility of broader coalition with the participation of SYRIZA.

He asked for general elections immediately and claimed that if Panos Kammenos and his party (Independent Greeks which is the junior party in SYRIZA coalition government) withdraw from the government due to their opposition to Prespes Agreement, there would not be not political legitimacy for Mr. Tsipras to continue to govern and should ask for vote of confidence or resign and declare elections.

On the revision of the Constitution he said that “the conditions are mature for a new constitution in a new Greece” adding that on Tuesday his party will submit a comprehensive proposal on the revision of the Constitution.

He reiterated that ND will not vote the Prespes Agreement either in this or in the next parliament.

Referring to his own proposal on the economy, Mitsotakis said “Our recipe foresees less tax and contributions, reasonable primary surpluses and more investments, privatisations and new job positions.

He stated that he will not promise what he can’t do and appeared optimistic that “in four years from now Greece will stand firmly on its feet” adding that “I am aware that not only we will find scorched earth but also a minefield.