ND officials criticise government for missing civil servants hired to work in hot-spots

Two New Democracy (ND) officials accused the government on Monday of hiring thousands of civil servants to work in island hotspots, many of which appear to have never showed up, as it was revealed by a minister on Monday.

Deputy Defence Minister Dimitris Vitsas admitted on a talk show on Skai TV channel that several employees hired to work in refugee centers never show up for work. “We have already noticed that what is alleged is true in many places. That while they were hired by municipalities [to work at] the [refugee] centers, not all of them go, primarily because there isn’t an organized structure for how to operate the centers,” he told Skai.

“The domestic and international embarrassment suffered daily by our country due to the refugee-migrant issue continues to intensify. The revelations about the thousands of hirings made by the government for non-existent jobs in hot-spots are now added to the shameful images published daily and the complaints of international organizations,” ND’s shadow migration policy minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis and administrative reconstruction Giorgos Georgadas said in a joint press release.

Varvitsiotis and Georgadas also accused Migration Policy Minister Yiannis Mouzalas of trying to avoid responsibility for the situation on the islands. “One day, he blames the opposition and the alleged ‘character assassination’ plot formed against him. Another day he blames the international organizations, the mayors, the inhabitants and the hoteliers in some region. Will he now start blaming his ‘comrades’ who recently were added to the long list of those who are complaining?” they asked.