ND: PM is ‘bold in lies, a coward before the truth’

Criticising the speech given by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) and the press conference that he gave in Thessaloniki on Sunday, a main opposition New Democracy press release said these “prove what all Greeks have now understood: that he will do anything and say anything to hang on to power for a few more months.”

“He had the nerve to claim that he’s had a plan since 2015, even though he brought two unnecessary memorandums and cost Greece more than 100 billion euros. He had the nerve to again support the agreement that grants Skopje a ‘Macedonian nationality’ and a ‘Macedonian language’ even though this is rejected by the majority of Greeks. He had the temerity to promise tax relief when he has knowingly destroyed the middle class and impoverished all Greeks. But he did not have the courage to answer the question that all Greeks share: Did he or did he not know that there were dead when he was giving his show on television on the night of the great disaster,” ND’s announcement said.

“Today, Mr. Tsipras proved that, in addition to being incompetent and dangerous, he is bold in lies and a coward before the truth,” it added.